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Managed Security Services

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Contour Data Solutions helps customers outsmart emerging threats in your digital business with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling. Know who is on the network and what they are doing using telemetry from your network infrastructure.

Improve end-user productivity and experience with scalable security that is easy to use and easy to deploy. Contour helps companies enable organizational agility by delivering modern security solutions that support evolving business that need to scale. 

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of threats are blocked by Endpoint Solutions

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of the most dangerous threats are hidden using Advanced Evasion Techniques

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Scalable Visibility & Security Analytics

Cisco stealthwatch

Comprehensive visibility allows security personnel to gain real-time situational awareness of all activity taking place on the network. This is achieved by collecting NetFlow and other forms of telemetry from network infrastructure devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls.

Cisco Stealthwatch uses behavioral analysis. Traditionally, security solutions have relied on signatures to detect threats, which overlook advanced, never-before-seen, and targeted attacks. Cisco Stealthwatch instead monitors network behavior, singling out suspicious activity for investigation. Even the most sophisticated and evasive threat actors are quickly identified.

Cisco Stealthwatch also helps incident responders and network operators investigate security and network incidents. It uses NetFlow to build a historic audit trail, which records every transaction that takes place on the network. Investigators can then use this audit trail to quickly uncover the underlying cause of an incident.

Discover how ContourCloud can assure a rapid and secure backup and recovery for systems on-site or in the cloud

Protecting against the riskiest 1% of threats

Contour helps customers outsmart emerging threats in your digital business with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling.  


Incident Investigations

Validation of Suspected Threats


Customer Notification & Reports

AMP for Endpoints

Stop Advanced Malware

Using multiple preventative engines and cloud-based threat intelligence and doing the heavy lifting for you, AMP automatically identifies and stops advanced threats before they reach your endpoints.

Eliminate Blind Spots

AMP provides a holistic view of your endpoints, giving you deeper visibility, context, and control of servers and endpoints running Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Investigate and remediate

AMP lets you take back control of your time by drastically reducing investigation and remediation cycles time by providing a complete scope and history of threats, then gives you the power to remediate across your environment with just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Spam Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Detection System
  • Acceptable Use
  • Use of mobile device/BYOD
  • Physical Security
  • Data Disposal/retention
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Adding/changing/deleting users
  • Computers time out after a period of inactivity

Contour has a patch policy for the following products: 

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Applications
  • Network devices that process, store, and/or view data

Contour has technical controls in place to control users’ storage access and/or to transport data outside of the organization’s business premises

Contour Data Solutions has multi-factor authentication requirements for all remote access and internet-facing infrastructure

Contour detects advanced threats and responds to them quickly by protecting critical data with smarter network segmentation. 

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